Open Studio


The works of Debra Wade-Eulau.
April 28 – 30, 2023
11am – 5pm

A show and sell original artwork event.
New students welcome!

Metro Montage XXI Juried Exhibition

MetroMontage XXI Postcard Side 1

Tulips with Perfume Bottle on exhibit at the Marietta Cobb Museum for the Metro Montage XXI Juried Exhibition JULY 10 – SEPTEMBER 5, 2021. The opening is on July 10.

Metro Montage is the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art’s annual juried exhibition featuring all types of genre, medium, style, subject matter, concept, and technique in art. Metro Montage XXI will feature, throughout all of the Museum’s galleries, works of fine art by contemporary artists that showcase the diversity and skill within our nation’s culture.

Contemporary 2021 – Art of the Still

Teapots by Eric Elliott

On the Edge and Pink Bow Tie are accepted to the The Art Center of Western Colorado national juried exhibition entitled Contemporary 2021Art of the Still, juried by Eric Elliott. The exhibit runs MAY 12 – JUNE 25, 2021.

The Art of the Still is a national juried exhibition featuring artists from a variety of mediums with a primary focus of still life. This exhibition demonstrates the many ways in which life can be captured through objects and their surroundings. Still lifes can record light and the ways in which it drapes over objects; they can present the contrast of light and shadow, or reveal innate or mysterious details about the life of the artist. They record specific moments in time or the passage of time and are windows into the culture of a specific era. They can be a pathway into the substance of things unseen and a glimpse of things to come.

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